Mayim Bialik, PhD

Many of you may not recognize the name Mayim Bialik, but you might recognize her as Amy Farrah Fowler on The Big Bang Theory, or as Blossom from the 1991-1995 TV show. A couple days ago, ScienceNow did a podcast with her to talk about her science background:

In this interview, she talks about getting a PhD in neuroscience between starring in Blossom and getting a major role in The Big Bang Theory. She’s passionate about bringing science to kids (students of all ages, really), and I think she’s very inspiring.

Although there has been criticism of the Big Bang Theory, regarding its reliance on stereotypes etc. (e.g., but I think Mayim makes a really good point about showing people that scientists don’t only live in the lab. I think the show demonstrates exactly what I’m hoping to do with this blog: bridge the ideas of science with the nerdy passions many scientists enjoy!


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