Happy Mothers’ Day!

Today is Mothers’ Day, and Wired is celebrating by listing the Top 10 Mothers in Science Fiction and Fantasy (GeekDad Wayback Machine). I definitely agree with most of their picks, but I would like to add a couple (some of which were added in the comments too):

**beware: some spoilers to Buffy, Game of Thrones, and Divergent, so read more with caution**

1. Joyce Summers. Although Buffy got kicked out of her high school in LA, Joyce took everything her daughter did in stride, and was possibly a little relieved to find out that Buffy had a good reason for all of her crazy shenanigans: she was the Chosen One! And I think all Buffy fans can agree that The Body was one of the most heartbreaking Buffy episodes made.

2. Catelyn Stark. She clearly loved her children, and everything she did was in an effort to protect them. It eventually led to her death.

3. Cersei Lannister. Another mother in the Game of Thrones series that did everything in her power to help her children gain and maintain power.

4. Natalie Prior. The mother of Tris in Divergent & Insurgent by Veronica Roth. She loved her daughter and did not begrudge her for choosing a different faction. She even died to protect her daughter.

Can you think of any other notable mothers? List them in the comments below!



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