Nerdist podcast: Cara Santa Maria

Nerdist did a fantastic podcast with Cara Santa Maria, who is a writer for the Huffington Post Science News, in which they discuss life as a graduate student, religion and science, and intelligence.

I highly recommend this podcast. It was a really captivating podcast and they talked about some issues that are really near and dear to my heart. Such as:

Science doesn’t inherently disagree with religion. It inherently contrasts with religions/people that are opposed to rational thought and logical reasoning. Cara brings up a good point that ‘laypeople’ don’t necessarily get presented with all of the facts leading up to scientific conclusions: they are told the conclusions. When you think about it from that perspective, it’s easy to understand why people might be mistrustful of science. However, once people are presented with the evidence (i.e. the fossil record, genetics, and the myriad of other examples that demonstrate the intermediate steps in the progression of evolution) it is difficult to walk away without seeing the validity of the conclusions. I greatly admire Cara’s dedication to bringing science to people outside of the scientific world. It is no easy task, and I wish I had her talent for it.

In general, I greatly enjoy Nerdist podcasts. Chris Hardwick has a talent for interviewing people naturally so that the entire podcast flies by as if it were simply a fun conversation. I highly recommend them, although I will warn you that there is some strong language, if that sort of thing offends you. But this podcast in particular is great for people who want to hear more about disseminating science to the general public, not to mention life as a penniless grad student!


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