Happy 35th Birthday, Star Wars!

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away….

Star Wars: A New Hope came out 35 years ago today, and to celebrate I’m posting up some cool links with Star Wars-related stuff. First up is an article with 35 of the best Star Wars references from TV, movies, and commercials (they’re all youtube videos). For those of you who also want to make things to celebrate this very important birthday, here are several DIY Star Wars marvels. Or, if you prefer to purchase your Star Wars swag, head on over to Think Geek, where they’ve got lots and lots of cool stuff for you to buy.

If you’re into fan art, here are eight cool pieces of Star Wars artwork. There are also some cool Instagram photos taken to celebrate this really awesome birthday.

For those of you who want more substantive articles to celebrate, Rhett Allain at Wired gathered data from A New Hope and analyzed the physics behind the blaster bolts. It’s pretty impressive. Maybe at the 40th birthday party we’ll get to see an analysis with data from all of the movies!

Finally, there’s a little bit of a mixing of the worlds in this one, but it’s a pretty cool image, brought to my attention by Bonnie Burton:

May the Force be with you!


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