The Science of a Tasty Tomato

This is a sorta weird, but interesting article about the attempts to identify the essential taste of a tomato. One line really stood out to me as I read it: I always get asked, ‘Are we raising a generation of people who don’t know how a tomato should taste?’ –Henry Klee. My response is, “Who is asking you that question?!?”

Moving beyond that, I have a different response to them: Try growing healthier, organic, and genetically-diverse tomatoes, rather than just growing as many tomatoes as cheaply as possible, if you really care about flavor. Try selling the fruit near where it was actually grown, rather than shipping it across the country. Maybe these seem like silly responses to some of you, but to me they seem the most reasonable. If you want to know how a tomato tastes, grow that tomato in ideal conditions without much interference. That’s what a tomato should really taste like.


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