Has the Higgs Boson Been Discovered?

I am no physicist, so I feel a little unqualified to even write this post. The Higgs Boson is a theoretical particle predicted by the standard model of physics (emphasis on theoretical, so far at least). PhD comics gives you an introduction to what the Higgs Boson is, if you need more information than my measly definition. Well, ever since December 2011, rumors that the Higgs boson had been discovered at the Large Hadron Collider have been circulating. The word on the street these days is that back in December, there was evidence that they had discovered the Higgs Boson, but the probability that their results were due to pure chance was too high for the experiment to be conclusive. Rumors now suggest that the most recent experiments turned up results with much better probability values. I guess we’ll have to wait for the researchers to write up their findings before this changes from rumors into a real discovery. But if the researchers discover the Higgs Boson, then they can accept the standard model–if they fail to discover the Higgs Boson, we may find that the standard model is not the best description of the universe, and we’ll find ourselves without some important explanations.


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