Researchers create a new male contraceptive that you apply like lotion

For years now I’ve heard that hormonal contraceptives for men are in development. Most of these contraceptives have been in the form of pills or shots of hormones, but the most recently tested treatment involves testosterone-progestin gels that can be applied topically to the skin. Combining the two hormones increases the percentage of men to 88 or 89% who have a reduced enough sperm count to prevent pregnancy (testosterone only resulted in 23% of men having reduced sperm counts). Some even lacked sperm altogether! And the really nice part about this treatment is that men could use it at home, as opposed to having to get a shot from the doctor. It’s an exciting development! And maybe once men are able to have more control over their reproductive health, there will be a reduction in the push against women being allowed to have control over their own reproductive health. Or is that wishful thinking?

Anyway, for the source of this story, here’s an article at, and here’s one from ScienceBlog.


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