Zombie Instances

Weird things have been happening across the country: flesh-eating bacteria outbreaks, a rash of weird murders and attempted murders involving cannibalism, and other strange happenings. Well, now you can track the spread, thanks to Newsweek & The Daily Beast! There’s an interactive google maps page with the locations of all of the strange zombie-like occurrences are occurring. Is the zombie apocalypse headed your way?

The 4 Points folks over at Nerdist discussed the zombie apocalypse on the latest episode, with guest host Wil Wheaton! They have some interesting strategies for surviving. The entire episode is interesting, but if you’re only interested in zombie-like stuff, Part 3 is what you want to watch, although Part 4 also involves a cannibalism story.

And in case you’re thinking, “Zombies can’t possibly exist. It’s just scientifically impossible”, here’s an article telling us that it’s simply scientifically improbable. Grabionowski (the author of said article) develops a working hypothesis for how zombies could actually become a reality. Putting all of this together, I hope you’ve got a plan..


One thought on “Zombie Instances

  1. […] French researchers recently discovered live stem cells in 17-day-old corpses. The stem cells were dormant but still alive, which was previously thought to be a crazy notion. Well, maybe it’s still a crazy notion but now there’s evidence that stem cells can survive for more than two days in a dead body. Maybe this is how the zombie apocalypse is actually going to happen, not because of LSD. […]

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